Asset Utilization

Real-time Asset Tracking in Complex
Production Environments

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Optimize Usage of Forklifts

Discover How Many Forklifts You Really Need

By having detailed data about the real utilization of forklifts in different areas of your facility, you will know if you can reduce their number without adversely impacting your operations.

Reduce Differences in Shift Productivity

Identify and analyze differences in forklift performance by shift such as uneven workload or long handovers, to increase the overall productivity.

Minimize Transportation Waste

Analyze detailed spaghetti diagrams for forklifts to standardize their routes and eliminate excess transportation.

Allocate Forklifts Efficiently

By understanding actual forklift routing, activity levels per facility area and work distribution, you can maximize their utilization on value-adding activities.

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Increase Productivity of Workers

Improve Worker Allocation

Understand real costs and productivity of individual workers per type of activity to optimize their workload and improve efficiency of work.

Reduce The Waste of Waiting

Check whether workers are in their designated places at the right time to make sure that the production process runs according to plans and reduce the risk of bottlenecks caused by waiting.

Quickly Locate Specific Workers

Ensure flexibility of your production process by deploying workers to new tasks as needed.

Reduce Excess Movement

Analyze historical employee movement patterns to understand their routines and make informed decisions to reduce motion waste.

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Calculate ROI of Assets & Equipment

Understand Equipment Utilization

Track the usage of equipment (forklifts, tugger trains, AGVs, etc.) during production or intralogistics processes and check for issues such as underutilization.

Discover Actual Idle Times

Find out when the equipment is sitting idle to make informed decisions on optimizing its utilization in processes.

Calculate ROI using Real Utilization Data

Use analytical reports with actual equipment activity data to calculate ROI more accurately.

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