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Build richer customer experience and boost your revenues with footprint analytics and engaging communication tools. Indoor navigation helps guide visitors, while proximity-messaging delivers offers based on a customer's physical location - right content, at the right time, in the right place.

Proximity messages
Engage customers at the right time, in the right place with proximity push notifications and unique retail offers
Digital footprint
See analytics customers attract or avoid, and optimize placement
Guide customers in-store or help them navigate to POIs and help them to take full advantage of your space


Train stations
Bus stations

Transportation spaces can be crowded and stressful. Make visitor experiences easier by managing traffic, suggesting shortcuts, or helping travelers arrive on time with real-time schedules based on their location.

Help travelers quickly find key places and easily navigate through the largest facilities
Traffic analytics
Optimize human traffic flows throughout the facility with heat maps and real time foot traffic analytics
Proximity offers
Make people aware of the services around them and upsell with contextual triggers and messaging


Public exhibit

Improve comfort, navigation, and directions to POIs in large gatherings with a digital assistant. Send context-based notifications, and let them see what's around.

POI navigation
Indoorway helps you deliver better experiences for navigating large venues and crowds, like outdoor GPS, but indoors
Proximity communication
Stimulate visitors engagement through context-based notifications
Smart tagging
Users can mark favorite spots in a given venue to go back to them easily

Data-Driven Business Intelligence

Make smarter use of your space. Indoorway's Measure performance and find out what your real-life customers are looking for. Analyze how they move around the venue and build models with the Business Intelligence tool.

Real-time Physical Data
Analyze traffic statistics and optimize flows and foot traffic within your space, all in real time
Custom Points of Interest
Define your POIs and tag them with smart proximity triggers and actions
Historical data
Observe how traffic changes over time, based on your modifications to space
Live Usage Feed
Get information on current room usage or booking schedules

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