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Indoorway Industry 4.0

Indoorway Industry 4.0 is a ready-to-use B2B solution for digitizing manufacturing plants, warehouses and logistics centers. It unlocks valuable data and delivers intuitive tools for in-depth analysis

Asset tracking

We install asset trackers on trolleys, forklifts and other vehicles to record their movement around your venue. The trackers bring information about the usage rate of assets and their daily routines

Asset tracking

Workflow monitoring

We provide your employees with rugged mobile phones which enable footprint analysis. You can take a closer look at the workflow of your staff to standardize the production processes, identify potential safety hazards and increase the output


Traffic analysis

Analyze the production processes in your factory, ensure optimised use of crucial resources and improve health & safety in the workplace. The Analytical Dashboard provides a new quality of features:

Room statistics
Explore detailed stats for a specific zone, pathway, platform or any other area
App industry room
Track a selected object in a given period of time. You can choose “fast forward” mode
App industry insights
Heat maps
Get immediate visual summary of information about movement in your place
App industry heatmap
Historical statistics
Observe how processes develop over time. Get to know them better and optimize workflow
App industry history
Real time data
Analyze current data and adapt to the changing dynamics of production
App industry realtime

Why should you give it a try?

Minimum costs
We install beacons on walls or ceilings in your manufacturing site. Having experience in the industry and using our advanced algorithms, we lowered the number of needed devices. This makes Indoorway Industry even 3 times cheaper than other systems
Seamless deployment
Our team will take care of the whole implementation process, thus it won’t engage your employees or slow down the production. We can implement Indoorway overnight or during a weekend. Just get in touch with our staff to discuss the details

Indoorway Industry 4.0 offers two different types of B2B services:

Operational Excellence
You can implement Indoorway Industry 4.0 as a permanent business intelligence solution for your venue. Constant and comprehensive monitoring of processes will allow you to turn data into meaningful insights and manage the workflow of the company remotely
Operational Checkup
Looking for a temporary B2B tool to observe current traffic and measure the capacity of your industrial site? Fast yet thorough examination of your workflow, which takes just 4 to 6 weeks, will help you identify potential areas for productivity improvements

Want to know more?

Case study

Indoorway Industry 4.0 at Electrolux


We deployed our system at Electrolux manufacture in Żarów, Poland. Covering a space of 3500 m2 with beacons, creating a radio map and setting up the app took us just 8 hours and did not interfere with the company’s work cycle.

The pilot implementation has been launched in a pick-up zone at the component warehouse.

This is a strategic location and the starting point for all the internal logistics processes. Any delays at this point can affect the workflow of the whole company. Thanks to data collected by Indoorway’s solution, we’ve examined the usage rate of each unloading ramp, activity of each shift, as well as the movement of forklifts. With such insights and analytical tools we can easily standardize our employees’ work cycle, monitor assets and optimize logistics processes better.

Kamila Gudzowska-Krzyżak

Supply Chain Manager Electrolux Żarów

Indoorway Industry 4.0 enables real-life and historical data analysis

We installed 50 beacons in the factory, provided Electrolux teams with 5 rugged mobile phones with tracking apps and put asset trackers on forklifts.

After 4 weeks of measurements Indoorway Team delivered precise information about:

  • movement patterns - the usage level of pathways, entrances and other spaces
  • shifts’ activity level - time spent in a certain zone and on a given task
  • usage of vehicles - mileage statistics and asset monitoring
  • utilisation and occupancy of platforms with a focus on deliveries
  • quality standardization parameters for workstations

You can get this and even more valuable information about your space and assets. We’ll adjust the offer to your business type, needs and the characteristics of your production halls.

Want to deploy Indoorway Industry 4.0 in your venue?

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