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InOffice: onboarding made simple

Did you know that hires who go through a structured onboarding process are 58% more likely to stay at your company for the next 3 years? Take care of new employees with InOffice! It’s a set of digital tools, which navigates people around the office, as well as provides them with all the information to start a new job smoothly

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Interactive office map

Provide your employees with an interactive map of your office available on their smartphones to save their precious time. InOffice will navigate them to rooms and departments they’re looking for, as well as show additional information, such as names and contacts to coworkers responsible for given areas


Company calendar

Make sure employees are up-to-date with the most recent events and upcoming celebrations in your company, even when busy and constantly in motion. With our app they can easily check dates and spots of meetings or workshops. Inform employees about their colleagues’ birthdays and planned pastimes to build a strong team


Directory at hand

Acquaint employees with the company essentials, such as: its politics, rules, benefits and basic contacts in the most convenient way. Think of the digital generation, which is always on the go, and share any introductory documents that might be handy for them

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Adjust your app straight from the browser

All the information you present in the app can be added, deleted or customized via our intuitive dashboard for web browsers

Add the logo of the company and change the colors of the layout
App inoffice graphic
Manage access to the app. Add users by filling in the form or automatically
App inoffice users
Upload documents, websites and apps that might be helpful for you employees
App inoffice directory mobile
App inoffice directory
Keep employees updated – add important meetings and notices to calendar
App inoffice calendar mobile
App inoffice calendar
Give names, color and descriptions to certain rooms, spots and zones
App inoffice digital map mobile
App inoffice digital map
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Why a good, digital onboarding program is a must?

  • As the KPMG research shows, hires who go through a structured onboarding process are 58% more likely to stay at the company for the next 3 years1
  • First 6 months are crucial for the new employees. It’s this amount of time where 86% of them decide whether to stay or not1
  • Technology-enabled digital workplace is very important to Millennials, and by 2025 they will be nearly 75% of labour work globally2

1 KPMG OnBoard Report, 2016

2 An Employee-Centric Digital Workplace: From Onboarding Through Engagement and Retention, Zach Lahey, 2016

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Case study

InOffice in Daftcode office

Inoffice app

InOffice system has been deployed in Daftcode office and used by the company’s employees since August 2016. Digitizing a space of 1500 square meters took just 40 minutes and required installing 20 beacons.

The implementation of InOffice has been a part of redesigning the whole employee onboarding process at the company.

– Only this year Daftcode has hired more than 100 young, tech-savvy talents. Having indoor navigation in the office and an intelligent self-service platform for seamless employee experience we’re positive everyone is taken care of. Being new to a job might be quite stressful, but with the app in their hand new hires rarely get confused or lost in our bureau. They also have no problems with identifying different teams, as they get familiar with their leaders and job descriptions via InOffice. As a team-centric organization we’re constantly on the lookout for app-smart, team-building tools for the digital generation. And we know from our staff that InOffice addresses their needs perfectlyAleksandra Borowska,HR Team Leader at Daftcode

The new onboarding procedures at Daftcode, including application of InOffice tools, resulted in higher level of onboarding satisfaction. It has increased to 89%. Boost your employees satisfaction. Implement indoor positioning in your office and join the elite of tech-savvy employers, who benefit from InOffice!

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