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What’s in the box?

  • 5 beacons

  • Installation guide

  • Knowledge base

  • Free Business Bundle

  • Welcome bonus

  • Code snippets

  • InOffice App to try out

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5 beacons

Small radio broadcasters, which should be installed in a building to enable indoor positioning.

Installation guide

Step-by-step instructions that will guide you into creating smart building apps. You will learn more about:

  • technology behind indoor location,
  • creating digital maps,
  • configuring and installing beacons,
  • installing Indoorway SDK for iOS and Android,
  • and most of all – numerous possibilities that indoor positioning delivered by Indoorway create.
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Knowledge base

Unlimited access to our 5-lesson online course focused on developing indoor location apps.

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Free Business Bundle

3-month access to fully-featured Indoorway, which is worth more than $1.000!

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Welcome bonus

Special invitation to Indoorway Community that entitles you to free 1-hour consultation with our developers.

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Code snippets

Our open source apps for Android and iOS, which can be deployed in any venue thanks to code snippets.

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allows searching coworkers in an office thanks to a digital map

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digital assistance in maintaining venues that enables reporting issues

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AR game bringing some fun into workplaces

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InOffice app to try out

3-month access to a set of tools for smarter and quicker onboarding of new hires.
InOffice enables guiding employees around the office and into their new roles.

Directory at hand
It presents the company essentials in super convenient way
App starterpack directory
Company calendar
It provides information about upcoming events and celebrations
App starterpack calendar
Interactive office map
It navigates employees around the office with a digital, GPS-like map of a venue
App starterpack digital map
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