Our powerful algorithms indicate location with 1-2 meters accuracy
We employ multiple sensors built-in mobile devices for measurement

Tech room
Features magnetic field
Magnetic field
We determine a user position with sensors already built-in smartphones by analyzing natural magnetic field within your venue
Features beacons
By leveraging beacon network, digital maps and BLE algorithms, we calculate user positioning
Features paths
Path matching
By introducing physical paths in the map editor, we improve accuracy and eliminate unexpected anomalies in the digital surroundings
Features accelometer
Through accelerometer built in smartphones, we estimate pace and dynamics crucial to maintain precise positioning in our algorithms
Features gyroscope
By means of the gyroscope, we determine the movement direction. It’s also used for supporting algorithms in estimating the user’s movement

Our API ecosystem
Indoorway brings the newest technologies for empowering smart building solutions. All in an easy to use API ecosystem.

Map editor
Map editor
Digital Map Editor
Use an intuitive map editor to get your brick-and-mortar space into the digital world
SDK for iOS and Android
Easily integrate SDK library in your iOS and Android-run apps
Dashboard analytics
Analytical dashboard
Turn real time and collected data into priceless business insights
Free app for making your space interactive
Empower your brick-and-mortar business with digital data thanks to our free iOS and Android application

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