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Make decisions based on actual
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of key assets.

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Real-time Asset Tracking

Indoorway allows you to monitor and understand the movement of mobile assets such as forklifts, tugger trains, workers, or WIP – with great accuracy and in real time.

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Our Real-Time Location System (RTLS) uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which ensures very high accuracy (<1m) and reliability in industrial facilities.


Actionable Insights

Indoorway turns the asset location and movement data into actionable insights so you can make informed decisions to improve efficiency of processes, asset utilization and reduce waste.

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Access the insights in an interactive online dashboard to observe real-time and historical movement of monitored assets, find their location and understand actual utilization.

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Process KPIs

Get a better understanding of your manufacturing and intralogistics with analytical reports and real-time notifications containing KPIs relevant to your processes.

Our solutions

Lean manufacturing

Receive data and insights about your manufacturing and intralogistics processes to implement Kaizen and reduce waste.

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Asset utilization

Learn about the actual utilization of assets and resources involved in your processes to increase their productivity and calculate ROI.

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Improve the Effectiveness of Intralogistics
with Indoorway RTLS

See how to improve performance of your internal supply chain and manage material flows more effectively.

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