Improve productivity and safety in Industry 4.0

With insights and automation based on accurate and real-time location data of moving assets.

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Indoorway provides accurate data and useful analytics about movement of assets in industrial sites

You can locate in real-time any moving resources that are relevant to key production and intralogistics processes e.g. forklifts, autonomous robots, tugger trains, tools, workers, production equipment, components, etc.

Indoorway helps industrial companies improve:


Asset utilization

How can I maximize asset utilization in manufacturing to reach my production goals more efficiently?

By monitoring performance of your tools, components and forklifts in real-time, you can assess their actual utilization in time, then compare the data between shifts, types of assets, or to KPIs. Based on such analysis you can spot patterns and quickly detect any anomalies, then introduce new best practices, set KPIs and monitor variations.

Better asset utilization improves productivity, but can also help reduce operational costs e.g. by optimizing the number of forklifts.


Lean Manufacturing

How can I support Lean manufacturing processes with real-time asset monitoring provided by Indoorway?

You can remove waste and reduce inefficiencies only if you know the real data related to your key manufacturing and intralogistics processes. With Indoorway, you can track location of all moving resources involved in those processes in real-time and get regular reports to detect deviations and spot anomalies that lead to inefficiencies.

You can only improve what you measure. With Indoorway you can make sure your data is accurate and measurements are taken on a consistent basis.


Health & Safety

How to reduce the risk of injury and death in my production facility?

Indoorway allows real-time tracking of employees and subcontractors thanks to easy-to-carry tags. As a result you can e.g. introduce location-based warnings for unauthorized entries, detect dangerous zones where risk of accidents is the highest, know instantly if everyone has made it to the evacuation zone in case of emergency, etc.


Automation of processes

How can location-based data help me increase process automation in my facility?

Adding automatic location context to existing processes can reduce the number of manual steps that employees have to remember to take, or improve efficiency of operations. Think how useful it would be to know what time and where a specific inventory item was scanned last time, or if a forklift operator was shown the most optimal route to fetch a palette based on both of their locations.

Indoorway data can integrate with various ERP systems through API.

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Indoorway has built a solution
dedicated to industrial applications

inSites 4.0

Dashboard that provides business insights and analytics in a form of heat maps and custom reports. It also allows to search a real-time location or replay historical movement recordings of selected assets or groups thereof.


Hubs & Tags

Indoorway infrastructure consists of Hubs installed on walls or ceiling that collect accurate location data from small Tags, which are carried by people or attached to objects. We use Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology that ensures high accuracy and quality of measurements in industrial environment. It takes as little as one day to install the whole system and access real-time data.


Indoorway API

Indoorway's location data can integrate with clients' key ERP systems via our API. Adding location context to data about inventory, assets, materials, workforce, shipping, or production provides a more granular view of operations and opens up new automation possibilities.

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