We improve productivity of manufacturing and warehouse operations

We offer intelligent systems for collecting and analyzing data on the movement of resources involved in production, internal logistics and picking processes

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We always adapt our solution to the needs and
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You can only improve what you measure

We provide high quality data about location and flows of assets

Indoorway sensors, specially developed by us for production and warehouse applications, allow us to measure 24/7 the exact location of forklifts, workers, scanners, AGV/AMR mobile robots, WIP, finished goods or tools. We use Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology as well as additional data sources (RFID, GPS, laser rangefinders) as required. We provide:

  • Measurement accuracy of less than 1 metre proven in challenging manufacturing and warehouse spaces
  • Preparation of technical documentation and supervision of installation
  • Continuous monitoring of system performance and high SLA
Indoorway Devices

Live data helps with
daily management

Thanks to UWB sensor data, our customers can see the real-time location of monitored assets on a map of their plant and view their activity over time by generating digital spaghetti diagrams or traffic heat maps. The system also enables a quick reaction to adverse events such as unauthorised entry of a forklift into an area or improperly staffed workstation. In such cases, it sends SMS, email, light or sound signal notifications. With live data from the Indoorway system, our customers:

  • See all traffic and learn about relevant events in real time
  • They can react before adverse events escalate into problems
  • can dynamically allocate resources according to current needs

Operational KPIs
support planning and continuous improvement

Combining technical competences, data science and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and warehouse processes, our specialists work closely with clients to provide metrics that support decision-making to improve performance. The data captured by Indoorway can be integrated with data from systems such as WMS, ERP, or MES. This allows us to better understand, improve and manage processes such as order picking or changeover and streamline workflows. Unlike traditional consultants:

  • We support clients with high quality digital data collected 24/7
  • Our system allows you to quickly verify with numbers whether the introduced changes bring the intended results
  • The data we collect can support process automation and integrate with other systems


How much does Indoorway solution cost?

Our solution is offered in a monthly subscription model, the amount of which depends on the size (m²) of the monitored area, the number of monitored resources (the more, the lower the unit price) and the analytical package agreed with the client. As part of the subscription, we rent the necessary equipment, provide a warranty for the entire duration of the contract, ensure 24/7 access to data, high availability of the system (SLA) and offer analytical support in the interpretation of data and preparation of new KPIs.Depending on the scope of implementation and the type of problems we solve, the return on investment (ROI) in Indoorway solution ranges from 6 months to two years. Besides, we have a rule that we do not make an offer if we are not able to estimate a positive ROI.

What type of companies use the Indoorway system?

Our solution is directed to large production plants and fulfillment centres. They usually have at least 8 000 m² of production area, with at least 150 workers, and/or 10 000 m² of warehouse area, with at least 50 workers. With such scale, the efficient management without good data about the actual process flows is very difficult. The more complex and variable the operations (e.g. seasonality, fluctuating demand, frequent changeovers or multiple SKUs) and the more mobile resources are involved (forklifts, workers, AGVs, scanners, tugger trains), the more our customers benefit. Our system is highly scalable, so we have no limit on the maximum size of the implementation.

How does Indoorway solution differ from the competition?

Our unique differentiator is that we combine technical competences with domain expertise of production and warehouse processes.

1. We provide process data that cannot be collected manually. If a process has wastes (Muda), we will find them.
2. We are specialists giving recommendations based on high quality data, not just observations and assumptions.
3. We provide proactive support of analytical and optimization activities of our customers using the continuous improvement approach (Kaizen).
4. Implementation of changes and standardisation of processes with constant monitoring of operating KPIs by Indoorway reduces the risk of making mistakes and the results are visible very quickly.
5. Our system is easily scalable and our analyses can be supplemented with data from traditional systems such as WMS, ERP, MES.

How does Indoorway work with clients?

Thanks to the combination of technical competences and domain expertise of production and warehouse processes, Indoorway team is an extension of the client's process optimization and lean manufacturing teams. Even before the system implementation, we conduct a workshop with the customer, during which we precisely define operating KPIs that will be available to the customer immediately after the system start-up. The support of the analytical team is continuous and its scope changes over time to the evolving customer's needs.

1. In the first month of the system's operation, our analytical team supports the customer in interpreting data and suggests what other indicators or data format could better help understand current sources of inefficiencies. During this time we also identify low hanging fruits, i.e. deviations from standards, or inappropriate or even risky behaviour, which clients can quickly fix.
2. In the following months, we help to define process standards (times, routes, number of resources, required competences), which optimally allow the implementation of production or warehouse activities.
3. Once clients have implemented process standardisation measures, Indoorway team helps clients determine whether they are delivering the expected benefits or perhaps causing problems somewhere else. This is because removing one bottleneck, often creates a new one elsewhere.
4. We then work with a continuous improvement approach to help maintain clients' high standards and support them continuously with subsequent optimization projects.

How much time do Indoorway projects take?

Indoorway system has been created to support continuous improvement processes, in accordance with the lean manufacturing approach. Although the first conclusions from Indoorway system about the sources of problems affecting the efficiency of processes are available after just a few weeks from the start of measurements, it takes many months to design, implement and then analyse the effects of the introduced corrective actions. For this reason, our support is usually continuous, although we sometimes undertake smaller scale consulting projects or support the activities of external consultants by providing high quality data.

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