Furniture and furnishings

Improve productivity through better organisation in work cells and monitoring of semi-finished product flows

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Identify problems that reduce productivity

What production issues will you identify?

The most common problems encountered in the production of furniture and other interior design products are uneven labour productivity in manual processes such as assembly. This is particularly noticeable in the production of short series consisting of many components or when there are many types of finished products.

How will Indoorway help me solve them?

Indoorway's system continuously monitors staffing against the employee skills matrix and, through registration and workspace, identifies process inefficiencies (Muda) such as unnecessary movement, waiting, over-processing and untapped employee potential.

How will I benefit?

Improving the efficiency of manual processes directly translates into the possibility of increasing production volumes, by up to 10%.

What logistics issues will be identified?

The main problems in furniture and home furnishings production are related to planning and maintaining an efficient picking process, as well as the flow of semi-finished products between work cells.

How will Indoorway help me solve them?

By continuously monitoring the movement of the transport trolleys, it is possible to standardise and continuously monitor the correctness of the flow to production, especially when integrated with data from the WMS.

How will I benefit?

Improving the efficiency of flows by eliminating waste (Muda) allows cycle times to be reduced, which translates directly into the ability to increase production volumes without increasing the number of production resources.

Improve use of resources and space

What resources are involved?

With manual production activities such as assembly, it is important that workers spend as much time as possible on production and as little as possible on side activities such as searching for work tools or components.

How will Indoorway help me make better use of resources?

The Indoorway system accurately records the time spent in different parts of the plant, thus helping to identify where the greatest process wastage (Muda) occurs. Based on this information, you can change the organisation of work or space, and because Indoorway continuously monitors performance indicators, you can quickly check whether the changes you have made have had the desired effect.

How will I benefit?

Better use of resources translates directly into productivity, i.e. increased production volumes without additional investment in means of production.  

Which space is it?

The most expensive space is located by production lines or work cells, which is often over-occupied by semi-finished products and components. Their level must guarantee the continuity of production.

How will Indoorway help me with this?

The Indoorway system monitors exactly how much time components and semi-finished products spend at work cells and how often they rotate. With this data, flows can be streamlined, thus freeing up space for production.

How will I benefit?

Available space is a major constraint when planning to increase production volumes. The ability to use more of it for production rather than inventory allows production volumes to be increased without additional investment.