Time and Attendance 4.0

Automatically record attendance and time spent by workers in their workstations in production shop floor and warehouse areas

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Automatically record time in designated work zones

How is Indoorway different from other T&A systems?

Indoorway system measures dwell time not only at the entrance and exit of the hall, but throughout the monitored area. This is done automatically, without the need to hold the card against the reader, in real time and with a measuring accuracy of less than 1 metre.

How can I use such data?

The system enables the automatic allocation of labour costs to different tasks or production processes, allowing a better understanding of their actual labour intensity and analysis of the sources of differences between shifts.

How will I benefit?

Automatic recording of time spent on different work tasks enables a better organisation of work e.g. making sure the number of workers is optimal for the given workload or that side activities do not take up too much time. In our experience, such data can increase the attendance at assigned workstations by up to 20%, which has a direct impact on the overall efficiency of a plant or warehouse.

Make better use of your employees' competences

How can I measure competences?

Many manufacturing plants and logistics centres use a competence matrix that can be added to Indoorway system.

How can I use such data?

When we combine information on the dwell times of people with specific skills in work zones with information on the performance of a given process, we can determine and then ensure the minimum level of competence required for a function or process.

How will I benefit?

Well-trained and properly matched to their roles, employees will be more efficient and motivated, which also reduces the risk of unplanned interruptions in production and irresponsible behaviour.

Improve resource planning and the allocation of staff to tasks

What data will help me do this?

Careful analysis of the performance of tasks by employees with different competencies makes it possible to determine the minimum level of competence for different types of production or volumes.

How can I use such data?

Knowing your production plans allows you to ensure that you are adequately staffed when planning your shift. Also, live adjustments can be made when seeing that staff deployment is not balanced (balanced).

How will I benefit?

Good organisation of work allows for efficiency targets to be achieved and less frustration for employees, who should have a balanced workload and not have to make up for management mistakes.