Support for the deployment of mobile robots (AGV/AMR)

Indoorway analyses the current internal logistics process in terms of the potential for automation with AGV/AMR robots and supports customers in achieving the desired efficiency after their implementation

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Analysis of the potential for introducing mobile robots

How does this analysis work?

Indoorway carefully analyses the current material handling processes, identifying specific routes where the introduction of automation is possible and recommendable. One of the key analysis is checking the number of micro-stops in the current process caused by employees or other trucks along the route.

When is such an analysis even necessary?

AGV/AMR robots move much slower than forklifts, have to stop when they encounter an obstacle and are not always able to avoid it quickly. Without taking into account the frequency of encountering actual obstacles in the process, modelling the assumed AMR performance may be too optimistic. Such an analysis is therefore essential when the forklift used in the current process has no clearly defined transport routes and the distance it has to travel is longer than 50 metres.

How will I benefit?

An investment in AGV/AMR robots is an expense of several hundred thousand EUR. In addition to the costs, you need to add the time of employees involved in the implementation and making sure it reaches the assumed efficiency. Indoorway's analysis will show whether such an investment is justified at all, taking into account current intralogistics processes, and even whether there is a potential for a return on the investment.

Support for the implementation of mobile robots

How does this support work?

Locators mounted on a mobile robot closely monitor its movement and analyse its location. In this way, it is known exactly when it was working as intended and when it was not. Additional context can be provided by data on the movement of other assets along the robot's route. This makes it clear where and why the robot stopped.

When is such support even needed?

In the case of the implementation of several robots at once or a complex process handled by the robot (pull model, different routes, different dimensions of the goods transported), proper design of the robot's work is not easy. Usually in such cases, life very quickly verifies the assumptions made beforehand, as deviations and deviations that were not taken into account in the model suddenly appear. Indoorway's data shows the real scale of individual problems and helps to prioritise actions.

How will I benefit?

An investment in AGV/AMR trucks is an expense of several hundred thousand EUR, often more than a million. In addition to the costs, the time of employees involved in the implementation and reaching the assumed productivity must be added. Indoorway's analysis will show on the data the reasonableness of the investment expenditure and will help shorten the time needed for a mobile robot to achieve the assumed productivity, which at present often takes months.