Kaizen 4.0 Analysis Kit

Indoorway helps Lean teams by providing accurate data for workshops and analysis to implement continuous improvement in organizations

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Measurement kit for Lean departments

What is included in the kit?

Indoorway donates a set of locators and receivers that can be used to measure asset movement over an area of up to 1,000m2. In addition, Indoorway gives you access to a Customer Panel where you can create a digital map of the monitored area, view live traffic of monitored assets, draw spaghetti diagrams, create heat maps and play back pre-recorded traffic.

What support does Indoorway provide?

Lean teams get access to a standard set of metrics (e.g. dwell time in zones, stops vs. traffic, trips between zones), which can be made available as raw data as csv files or processed data in the PowerBI analysis tool. Indoorway engineers also assist remotely with installation and system configuration to ensure the required quality of measurements.

How will I benefit?

Indoorway saves a great deal of time that is currently spent on manual measurements, and additionally provides accurate data in digital format that is suitable for analysis. As a result, the analyses performed are of incomparably better quality than any snapshot analysis performed using traditional methods.

Support for SMED analyses

 How does this support work?

One of the most common applications of the measurement set is to use it to measure changeover times. The Indoorway team assists in properly preparing the system for measurement and in interpreting the results.

When is such support even needed?

SMED analyses are currently carried out on the basis of live observation or analysis of video recordings. However, this is very labour intensive, especially if multiple changeovers need to be analysed. The Indoorway system supplements the visual data with accurate zone occupancy rates by individual resources, and enables automatic drawing of spaghetti diagrams for all recorded traffic or selected resources.

How will I benefit?

Analysis using Indoorway provides much more accurate data and allows for a more comprehensive approach to the topic. As a result, the recommendations developed for production have a much greater chance of being applied and improving OEE than with measurements based only on observations.

Continuous improvement on a data basis

How does it work?

Indoorway's solution is the ideal tool for introducing and overseeing Kaizen projects, as it gives Lean teams accurate process data that is not available anywhere at the moment. This data is collected 24/7 and is available in the form of bespoke indicators, allowing for the introduction of continuous improvement based on data rather than just spot measurements and observations.

How will this change my current way of working?

In short: less time for manual data collection and processing, and more time for analysis and planning of specific actions.

How will I benefit?

Basing plans on concrete numbers enables a more accurate estimation of the business benefits of ongoing Kaizen projects and, on this basis, the selection of priority projects.