Automatic registration of the location of finished goods

Replace manual scanning with automatic location recording in the WMS using UWB and/or RFID technology. The main application is for finished goods that do not fit in the high rack storage.

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Replace scanners with automatic registration of location

What can be automated?

Indoorway makes it possible to automatically record the flow of finished goods from production right up to loading onto trucks, provided that the transport of these goods is carried out by forklifts.

How does it work?

Indoorway places UWB locators and RFID antennas on the forklifts, which read the information from passive RFID tags inserted into the finished goods labels. This makes it possible to automatically record the live location of each label, which is then sent to the WMS.

How will I benefit?

Automatic registration saves the time needed for the forklift operator to scan both the product barcode and location barcode, and eliminates errors that always occur in such a manual process. Such errors generate large costs associated with searching for a finished product that has had its location recorded incorrectly, especially if this involves potentially delaying the departure of goods to the customer.

Find semi-finished or finished products in block storage

What is wrong with the current ways of recording locations?

In the case of finished products which cannot be stored in high rack storage, they must be placed in block storage. This requires the employee to scan the product code, the location code and often the code of the carrier (basket, pallet, rack, trolley) on which the product is located. A similar situation often occurs with semi-finished products in the manual production process.

How does Indoorway do it?

Indoorway locators are attached to barcode scanners or carriers, on which the semi-finished or finished product is located. When the product is scanned, information about the exact location of the scan is also sent to the WMS, which reduces the number of errors in manual scanning. In addition, during the order picking process, the employee can see exactly on the plant map where the product is located

How will I benefit?

The ability to quickly locate each finished product means shorter picking times and reduced delays. In addition, Indoorway gives accurate information about the rotation of carriers (e.g. racks, boxes), which allows you to optimise the use of resources and space.