Trolleys 4.0: productivity and safety

Live warning of potential collisions, analysis of empty runs and routes in the picking process

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Warning of potential accidents

How does it work?

UWB Indoorway locators are placed on trolleys and can be worn by employees. This way, the system knows their exact location and speed and measures the distances between them in real time. If the locators are on a collision course, warning lights can light up or an audible signal can be given on the trolley. It is also possible to automatically release the trolley in a selected zone or situation, but this may require cooperation with the trolley supplier.

How does this differ from other systems on the market?

Indoorway system not only measures the distance between locators, but also their exact location on the hall. This gives you precise information about where the dangerous event occurred. The system can also be easily extended to get information about the performance of the trolleys. Unlike other systems, the employee locators do not need to be frequently recharged, the battery lasts for over a year.

How will I benefit?

The main benefit will be a reduction in the risk of collisions between trolleys and with employees.

Warning of dangerous behaviour

What alerts can I receive?

Indoorway system can send alerts in the form of SMS, light or sound signals for events defined by the customer as dangerous. This can be, for example, stopping too long in an alley, speeding, entering an unauthorised zone, impacts (thanks to readings from the accelerometer built into the locator), driving against traffic and many others. Each warning is prepared for the specifics of the operation and space, and thoroughly tested before deployment.

How can I respond?

Alerts are divided into those that require an immediate response and those that help to plan a safer space or process. Each case therefore has an appropriate format and addressee, and the advantage of the system is the ability to continuously monitor safety indicators that show exactly whether the response has had a positive impact on reducing the risk of accidents.

How will I benefit?

The main benefit will be a reduction in the risk of collisions between trolleys and with employees.

Analysis of forklift performance

What data can I receive?

Indoorway system collects data on forklift movements and stops and displays them on a map of the customer's plant or warehouse. Laser rangefinders mounted on the forks provide information on which journeys were loaded with goods and which were empty. Customers can also check the exact routes of individual tours in the form of automatically generated spaghetti diagrams or heat maps.

How can I respond?

Analysing the actual performance of individual forklifts (their manufacturers only provide man-hours) allows better planning of their use for different processes, as well as making decisions on purchasing or renting forklifts with accurate information on the actual fleet size needed.

How will I benefit?

Optimising the use of trolleys means lower rental or purchase costs, as well as additional savings on the cost of employing operators, which in some regions of the country are difficult to find at all. The reduction of one forklift truck means total savings of up to EUR 4,400 per month.