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Optimize Material Flow
& Intralogistics

Generate Heat Maps and Spaghetti Diagrams

Visualize material flow by creating spaghetti diagrams and heat maps to spot and eliminate transportation waste in the internal supply chain

Improve Milk-Run Delivery

Assess your milk-run system to reduce buffers and identify reasons for delays by tracking tugger trains.

Use KPIs for Optimization

Set and monitor KPIs based on location and activity analytics to support waste reduction and process optimization decisions.

Support Kaizen with Standardization

Track shifts and individual assets to identify standardization opportunities and support Continuous Improvement.

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Track and Maintain Order
of Work‑in‑Progress (WIP) in Real Time

Track Work Flow

Identify production bottlenecks with a real-time workflow status.

Monitor Production Times

Track takt time and cycle time to determine shifts and lines where inefficiencies affect output.

Optimize WIP

Track inventory to define the most efficient WIP levels and batch size to maintain good operational flow.

Reduce Inventory Waste

By improving inventory planning and reducing WIP in batch production, you can reduce overstocking.

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Understand Cost Drivers in Production and Intralogistics

Find Cost Drivers

Define which activities drive costs by tracking and analyzing the usage of resources and assets as well as their activity levels.

Collect Detailed Activity Data

Analyze the performance of particular activities, assets, or shifts to understand their real cost and profitability.

Assess Costs Easier

Generate detailed analytical reports for quick cost calculations and analysis.

Identify Saving Opportunities

Understand what really generates costs to improve optimization decision-making.

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Quickly Locate Assets to Prevent Disruptions in Manufacturing

Understand Asset Utilization

Learn how your staff uses assets during shifts and ensure their proper placement and sufficient supply to support Just‑in‑Time delivery.

Reduce Asset Search Time

Reduce equipment idle time and time lost to search by giving access to real-time asset locations to your employees and contractors.

Improve Inventory Supply

Help 5S auditors standardize inventory supply to production lines by providing them with access to real-time and historical inventory movement data.

Reduce Employee Idle Time

Track employees to ensure engagement in value-added activities and reduce idle time or motion waste that causes them to work slower.

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